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Directions to Theresa & Todd's house, 
707 Pallister, Detroit MI 48202, 313-873-7350.

Directions from Downriver (Ecorse, Wyandotte):

  • Take onto I-75 N
  • Take the exit- exit number 49- toward M-10/LODGE FWY/ROSA PARKS BLVD/CIVIC CENTER.
  • Take the exit on the left toward M-10/LODGE FWY/CIVIC CENTER.
  • Take the M-10/LODGE FWY exit toward CIVIC CENTER.
  • Take the M-10 N exit on the left.
  • Take the Lodge north to the "Milwaukee / Grand Blvd" exit, which follows the exits for the Ford Freeway.
  • While on the service drive, past Milwaukee, and turn right on Grand Blvd.
  • Keep left immediately, as you turn left on Third, which is the next light.
  • Turn left on Third Ave, which is the street before the Fisher Building. Third Ave is one way south of Grand, but it is two way north of Grand.
  • Turn right on Bethune, which is the second street north of Grand. Bethune only one block long before it curves left and turns into Bethune Circle. Follow it along the curve.
  • Just after turning, there is alley access to our side of Pallister. Turn left into the alley.
  • Our house is 707 Pallister and is on the right side of the alley. The address is listed on the garage.